Electric Mountain Bikes – The Future of Freeride & Downhill Mountain Bikes?

There is something new on the horizon for downhill and Freeride mountain bikes: electric motors! Typically recreational downhillers shuttle their heavy bikes up the hill in a truck and enjoy the gravity ride down. Now with an electric assist they can reasonable pedal these typically inefficient bikes up the hill without having to use 2 vehicles to shuttle them.

This bike setup will not work for typical downhill and freeride competitions, but maybe it will open up a new category of racing?!

It will be interesting to see if people really get into them or opt for an electric offroad motorcycle instead. Time will tell. I certainly would mind trying one! Looks like fun!


  1. Frlloyd says

    what’s the durability of an electric DH/FR bike? I suppose no bike is going to withstand being wrapped around a tree at those speeds anyways so it might be a moot point.

    • Turbodan78 says

      From what ive heard online because they weigh twice the weight of a full on dh bike and use the same wheel sets they won’t handle the most extreme conditions eg massive cliff drops and super man sized jumps without hurting the rims and to put motorbike rims on makes them heavier and less effecient to ride sapping some power but other than that the bikes are extremely strong.

  2. Turbodan78 says

    Hey Pete, my bomber will be here soon 😀 i’ll do a review and post a link on here for it! there not cheap but ive found lots of happy owners online who didn’t look back… you’re doing a top job for e-bikes/green transport info… have you noticed how much interest is coming from india? another really good e-bike kit is ”golden motor” very reliable (decent power) and not over priced…


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