Electric Bike Report is in iTunes!

Electric Bike Report is in iTunes!  In this video I go over how to get Electric Bike Report videos (reviews, news, maintenance tutorials, etc.) downloaded to your computer automatically with iTunes.  Then you can add the videos on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTouch, for viewing when you have some down time!

If you already have iTunes installed on your computer you can subscribe to Electric Bike Report with this link.

If you don’t have iTunes installed on your computer your can download iTunes here.

Check out the video below for how to subscribe to EBR in iTunes.

I want your feedback!  After checking out the videos in iTunes please let me know what you think of the Electric Bike Report podcast by leaving a quick review in iTunes.  I want the podcast and this website to be the best for you 🙂

Was this video helpful?  Do you have any questions?  Please leave your comments and/or questions below.


– Pete

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  1. says

    Hi Pete,
    I know its extra work to post a video to the podcast, but it is one more place people can find out about electric bikes that might not know about your news letter. I encourage you to post to the podcast on a regular basis maybe every 2 weeks at least to get people to subscribe and keep them.
    Thank you for all the hard work you put into the newsletter and promoting electric bikes.


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