Electric Bike News Week of 3-21-11

Kalkhoff Pro Connect Disc

Spring is in the air and there is electric bike excitement!  Here is the electric bike news recap from the week of March 21, 2011.  A preview: Gas prices up = e-bike interest, Pedego’s in Europe, a band that uses pedal power to power their equipment and more!

Time for some electric bike news…..

Here is a great story on a politician from New Zealand who has been using an electric bike to get around in a full suit and tie!

Gas prices are up and more people are riding electric bikes.  In a city like Phoenix Arizona where people rely on an automobile so much, gas prices really have a big financial impact.  This is a good article on the increased interest in electric bikes.

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Here is a good review of the Kalkhoff Pro Connect Disc electric bike by Road.cc.

If you live in Bermuda, you should register to win this $1800 electric bike.

An electric bike with a built in breathalyzer? Yup.

Pedego electric bikes are taking their beach cruiser style electric bikes to Europe!

Winter is pretty much over here and I have my full review of the Schwalbe Winter Marathon studded snow tires for you.

Sad news, a delivery man on an electric bike in New York City was killed by a bus near a congested construction area.  Please stay safe out there.

This is a good article on an Australian’s authors first experience on an e-bike and his thoughts on how electric bikes stack up.

This band runs their musical equipment via pedal power!  They use some electric bike motors as generators to power their amps and such; pretty cool.

Well, that about wraps it up.  Please share any electric bike news that you have come across in the comment section below.



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