Electric Bike News Week of 1-3-11

Raleigh Dover 360 Electric Bike with NuVinci CVP Hub

Well I am still playing catch up from the holidays and the traveling I have been doing recently.  So this e-bike news post might be a little late, but there is some cool stuff happening in the ebike world!

And now the electric bike news!

A race between an electric bike, normal bike, car, and a bus!  Which do you think won?

A new e-bike shop opens in Sacramento, California! The shop is called “The Electric Bike Shop”.  Here is the story on their grand opening.

And now for some bad e-bike news.  The electric bike boom in China is having some growing pains.

Interesting article on the history of the bicycle being used as transportation and an idea of how it can be brought back with “civil defense drills”.   Interested?  Check it out 🙂

My wife and I were in Portland recently and we had a chance to visit the Kalkhoff USA headquarters and test ride some of their electric bikes.  Here are my thoughts on the Kalkhoff electric bikes.

Shortly after the Portland trip I headed out to Austin Texas to see what NuVinci is up to regarding their continuously variable drivetrain and e-bikes.  Check out the pic of one of the electric bikes I rode.

Cool!  Electric bike charging stations at a university in Austria.  We have heard about charging station for electric cars going up; NOW it’s e-bikes turn!

Here is an electric trike with a folding rain cover.  Cool idea, just wish it didn’t cost so much!

Not an electric bike, but an electric “MotoCrossBoard” for the snowboarder who has no snow to ride!

The growth of the electric bike industry: 27 Million sold in 2010, 130 Million by 2025!

Article from National Geographic about China’s transportation issues and their movement towards greener ways.  E-bikes are in there 🙂

Here is a quick run down on what a hybrid electric bike is and why someone would want one.  I like the short and to the point descriptions!

This guy is ditching his car for at least a month and is using the Trek Transport + cargo e-bike  as his car replacement.

Last but not least here are some updates from Electric Bike Report: Part 1 and Part 2

That’s it for now.  Please add any stories that you may have run across in the comment section below.



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