Electric Bike News Week of 12-27-10

Better late than never, right!  I took the week between Christmas and New Years off to travel with my wife to Oregon to visit my family.  So I slacked on getting the news post out, but I still want to get you some news from the week.

While we were in Portland we visited Kalkhoff electric bikes and took a pair of their ebikes for a ride in the rain.  I will do a separate post about our test ride.

I also visited EcoSpeed in Portland.  They make high end electric bike conversion kits.  I will also do a separate post about my visit to their company headquarters.

Aside from visiting those companies it was great to see all the bike commuters in Portland.  They are pretty tough bunch of  bikers who ride in those Oregon rains.  I grew up in Eugene (2 hours south of Portland) and I remember the winters!

Now the electric bike news!

The government in the Philippines sees electric bikes as a great way to reduce their dependence on oil and have a cleaner environment.  I like this quote: “”It has long been one of the goals of the government to become energy independent. I believe that this can be achieved by promoting innovative projects that can reduce our foreign dependence on fuel and at the same time create a less-polluted, environmentally friendly cities,”

Here is a stylish, clean looking concept electric bike.  It is “Designed for people who love surfing, nature and outdoor life,”

Gas prices go up and electric bikes are in demand!  Here is a quick story about that.

Here is a new one (sort of):  Will e bikes be powered by compressed air?  This is a article on a car that is powered by compressed air.

Here is a cool store about spreading the word about e-bikes and e-scooters by touring across country with them.

That’s it for now.  Please add any stories that you may have run across in the comment section below.



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