Checkout These Thanksgiving Electric Bike & Accessory Deals

Happy Thanksgiving fellow e-bikers!  What a great day to be thankful, stuff ourselves and get ready for great deals on e-bikes and accessories 🙂

Since this is the time of year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday I wanted to let you know about a few good deals that I have heard about.

If you have been holding out on buying an e-bike and/or gear this may be the best time to make the purchase.

I will be adding more deals as I come across them, so stay tuned.

Electric Bikes, Kits, and Accessory Deals:

Amazon has a bunch of deals during the whole holiday season.  Here are the Currie eZip Trailz and the e-Moto 1.0 Ridge for some examples of the e-bikes they have on sale.

E-Bike Kit is offering 15% off their kits on Cyber Monday, November 28th and free shipping on their kits through December 6th.

Bike Tech Shop is offering reduced prices on electric bikes from Hebb, Ohm, and A2B and 10% off all their lights until December 13th.  They also carry the Bionx electric bike kits and RideKick Trailers.

Bike Trailer Shop is offering 20% off Chariot trailers.

Bike Bag Shop is offering 10% off a bunch of their racks and packs.

REI is offering FREE shipping on all purchases.

Jenson is offering a great deal on a cleaning and maintenance kit.

I hope these are helpful in your quest to find good deals on e-bikes, kits, and accessories.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy holidays!  Enjoy your time with family and friends and maybe get out for a few e-bike rides 🙂


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