E-Bikes on TV: Pedego on Jimmy Kimmel & Easy Motion on The Price is Right! [VIDEOS]

This was a good week for increased public awareness of electric bikes! Earth day was the theme for e-bikes on national TV.

Enjoy this video of Jimmy Kimmel presenting a good samaritan with a Pedego City Commuter:

And next up we have the Easy Motion Neo Volt Sport on The Price is Right!

An Easy Motion Neo Volt on The Price is Right!

An Easy Motion Neo Volt on The Price is Right!

Here is a link to the video from The Price is Right.

It is great to see electric bikes getting this kind of attention on national TV.

We still have a way to go before everyone knows about them, so please tell your friends and family about them.



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    Little by little the good news of electric bikes is getting out to the rest of the population. Riding an ebike is the best way to go on short trips like the post office or to the local store for a few items. It saves gas and get you out in the fresh air for some easy exercise.

    Thank you again Pete for posting great articles like this.


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