E-Bike News: Toyota E-Bike, New Factories, New Designs & Tech, E-Bike Book, Tours, & More!

Is Toyota getting into electric bikes?  Here is a concept e-bike from the large auto manufacturer.  It has a mid drive motor and the battery is housed in the mainframe.

This concept may never make it to production but Toyota is claiming that their new i-Road electric 3 wheeler will.  The i-Road is an interesting vehicle that blends some of the e-trike technology with car technology.

BMC recently opened their new Stromer electric bike assembly facility near Bern Switzerland.  They invested $8 million euro’s in the new e-bike plant!

Speaking of new e-bike factories, Riese und Müller, just opened a new facility in Weiterstadt, Germany.

OHM Electric Bikes just announced their new OHM XU450 with SRAM E-Matic electric bike drive system, Gates Carbon Drive belt drive, and hydroformed aluminum step-through frame.  It will retail for $2,899.

This is a good article about the rise of e-bike tour companies!

EBR correspondent, Paul Willerton, reports on his visit to B-Line PDX, an electric trike delivery service in Portland, Oregon.  B-Line also offers a unique advertising platform!

Here is a new twist on urban sustainable transportation: the combination of an e-bike with a mini e-bus!

Jim Turner, President of Optibike, just released his new book on electric bikes called The Electric Bike Book.  Jim covers the basics of what an e-bike is, their benefits, and much more!

Now for some geek speak; First Bicycle Components, has developed a combined speed and torque sensor that is housed in the bottom bracket of a bike.

Darfon Innovations Corp has launched the new EXCIMER Power Drive solutions for electric bikes.  It claims to have a direct drive motor that is extremely quiet.

The Revelo LIFEbike is a new e-bike design with the pedals directly attached to the front wheel!

Bikewatch is a new bike accessory that is a bike alarm, cable lock, and rear tail light all in one!

Adventure!  The Sun Trip is a 7,300 km solar electric bike ride/race that starts in France and finishes in Kazakstan!  The riders get to choose their own route with only one check point in between.

Help improve e-biking in the US by sharing your e-bike experiences with a research team from Portland State University!

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more e-bike news!


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  1. jr says

    Companies seriously neeed to stop putting the battery in the frame. Its a really bad idea because how can you replace it when it goes dead??

    • Pete says

      Hi JR,

      Most companies provide a way to remove the battery pack. Stromer has a door that opens to the side for battery removal; IZIP has a removal cap at the bottom of the downtube, etc.

      Placing the battery in or on the frame, low and centered on the bike is a good idea for balanced weight distribution and will be better for overall bike handling.


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