Currie Technologies To Launch eFlow Electric Bike at Interbike [VIDEO]

Currie Technologies eFlow electric bike with the battery integrated in the seat tube!

Wow, a new electric bike with the battery integrated into the seatpost and a powerful 500 watt motor!  The new eFlow electric bike from Currie Technologies is an interesting design!

Here is the press release from Currie Technologies about this new innovative e-bike:

Press Release

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – August 22, 2012 A new generation of electric bicycle from Currie Technologies®, the eFlow® E3 Nitro, will debut next month at the Interbike tradeshow in Las Vegas, the company announced today.

Featuring a high-capacity Samsung lithium-ion battery pack integrated into the bike’s seatpost for a sleek design and convenient charging in or away from the bike, along with a powerful motor capable of powering the bike up to 20 mph, the eFlow represents the latest technology in a fast-growing industry segment.

“Electric bikes have become commonplace in Western Europe, and in the last few years they’ve really burst onto the scene in the American market, but American consumers have primarily seen ebikes as utilitarian solutions or purely recreation rides,” said Currie Technologies President Larry Pizzi. “The eFlow is a perfect tool for commuters or other riders looking for a quick, high-performance bike that’s incredibly fun to ride and easy to own.”

The unique integrated battery design not only allows the eFlow to maintain a sleek and aerodynamic shape without the need for additional racks or attachments to hold a battery, but also allows riders to re-charge the battery without needing to bring the whole bike to an outlet.

The eFlow has already won the prestigious Gold Award from German design group iF International at the Taipei Cycle Show earlier this year, where judges called it “a completely new category of electric bike” and “an e-bike that you’re sure to like.” The eFlow was the only electric bike to receive the honor.

The bike’s fast design is matched by construction and components designed for a performance ride, including an RST monoshock to smooth out rough roads, a 20-speed drivetrain, internal cable routings for a clean look and Auriga E-Sub brakes, which have electronic sensors to cut power to the motor and activate regenerative braking to send power back to the battery.

Currie Technologies eFlow electric bike in action!

Quick release wheels and a simple watertight motor connector make removing a wheel to change a tire trouble-free.

Control for the powerful 500-watt motor comes via an easy-to-read LCD console, where riders can toggle between multi-assist options for kicking in extra power when pedaling and total propulsion.

The eFlow brand joins Currie Technologies’ IZIP line of electric bikes and eZip e-bikes and scooters. The eFlow will begin shipping to dealers early next year and retails for $3,995. For more information, visit and

Currie Technologies eFlow electric bike.


Want to see more? Check out the video!

About Currie Technologies

Currie Technologies® and IZIP are renowned for their large selection of stylish, premium quality and technologically advanced electric bicycles. Since 1997, Currie has been one of the oldest and most established US developers and distributors of E-Bikes with a network of dealers nationwide, offering a selection of models to meet every riders need for cost-effective transportation alternatives, recreation, exercise and just plain fun.

IZIP electric bicycles are perfect for anyone interested in the joyful experience of cycling without the worry of hills, headwinds and traveling longer distances. Currie Technologies of Southern California holds various patents on its products including their Electro- Drive™ Propulsion Systems, unique electric drive systems that provide superior performance and durability at a reasonable price.

To learn more about Currie Technologies® product lines, please visit

End of Press Release

What do you think?  Do you like the looks of this new electric bike with a seatpost battery?  Would you like to test ride one?  Please leave your comments in the section below.



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    • says

      I tend to agree that it is a little high on the price, but the center of gravity is only a minor issue since lithium-ion batteries do not way that much. I have an ebike with sla batteries on the back rack high up and do not have much of a problem. As for the price i think around $2k would be more in line.

  1. says

    Hi Norm, Thanks for your comments. You really need to ride the eFlow to fully appreciate its ride and handling characteristics. Once you do, I am sure you would agree that its simply a great performing ebike. Regarding the price, there is no question that its an expensive ebike but as you begin to compare the high end frame, electronic components and bicycle components, you will find that its actually quite a good value.

    We realize that this is not the right choice for everyone and that is why we also market a wide range of ebikes priced from $499 to $4999, under our eZip and IZIP brands. But once you feel the performance of the eFlow, I think you will have a better understanding of it relative value. Its a blast to ride.

  2. Raymond Dimock says

    The progress in E-bike technologies,in-evasion and design are mouth watering to watch, but for me the touchstone is still the ability to fold and carry my future e-bike into the businesses I frequent , Grocery Store, Doctor’s Office, Camping, Train commute. Whether the e-cycle costs $1600. to $5000.dollars is mote,the problem is theft!, plain & simple. I cannot accept the risk of leaving my mode of transport on a public Bicycle rack where even the best Bicycle locks are child’s play for a determined thief with common tools, I cannot nor should I have to pay for expensive insurance, just so I can live a quite, healthy lifestyle. Am waiting for a folder with motor in the pedals, (removable)battery in front of and below the seat post, wireless,removable controller on the Handlebars. This said, I wait patiently for the day I can purchase this dream. Thanks Pete for your site and I watch and wait for this to happen.Your Friend, ‘The Bicycle Nut.’:^D

  3. Lisa says

    That poor woman on the photo looks so uncomfortable riding the new model. This must be one of those “concept” bikes designed to atract the attention of the press and nothing else. Currie should focus their attention and money in beefing up their quality control, costumer support and warranty department for the bikes they have already sold, I have seen some negative reports on the Internet regarding these issues.

  4. says

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on our news release regarding the new eFlow E3 Nitro.

    Please reference the website to learn more about this ebike and its award winning design at, and note that its designed specifically to be a performance oriented urban ebike that is fast, powerful and nimble handling. The rider positioning is consistent with this type of bike and is far from uncomfortable. I can assure you that the rider pictured, absolutely loved the ride experience just like most people that have test ridden this new product. Also, this is not a concept bike but an actual pre-production model that will soon be in production and available to our full service dealers in January 2013. Thanks for helping me to clarify that point.

    Based on your comment, this particular bike is probably not right for you but be aware that we offer a complete range of our IZIP brand ebikes with very upright, comfort cruiser style bikes that might be better suited for your personal riding style.

    Regarding your comment on Currie’s quality, customer service and warranty, please look at our 5-Star rating on Customer Lobby, which captures recent consumer reviews and experiences with our products:

    Of course this by no means indicates that we never have a problem. But when we do, we go to great lengths to satisfy our customers. If you have a personal experience that you would like to discuss, please write me directly at [email protected] or phone at 818.435.0401 and I’ll make sure you are completely satisfied.

    Best regards,

    Larry Pizzi
    Currie Technologies

  5. says

    Hi Richard,

    Great question. The battery pack (which is the seat post) slides up and down inside the seat tube of the bike and is secured with a quick release collar. If you watch the video you will see the engagement mechanism when the seat post is fully raised from the frame, the pack slides into a machined channel that houses a sub-d connector. This also allows the pack to be charged in or out of the bike. We will add additional videos to show saddle height adjustment in the near future.

    Best regards,


  6. Shaun says

    Hello Larry. looks like an interesting addition to the Currie family Eline up. Do you know what range the new Eflow will achieve?


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