The Copenhagen Electric Bike Share Program: Bycyklen [VIDEOS]

Copenhagen electric bike share program station 2Leave it to Copenhagen, Denmark to launch a highly advanced electric bike sharing program!

Their new e-bike share program offers a look at the future of urban transportation for the rest of us.

The Bycyklen e-bike share program provides a way for Copenhagen commuters to use the bikes for their whole commute or to use them for the first/last mile connection when used with mass transit.

They are also promoting the program to tourists as a fun way to get around and experience the city in true Copenhagen style!  One of their slogans is “See Copenhagen like the locals do. Get on Bycyklen and experience the wonderful sights of Copenhagen like a Dane – on two wheels.”

The Bycyklen program offers e-bikes from GoBike with features like a touch screen tablet computer on the handlebars with built in GPS for finding docking stations, public transit, and tourists spots like museums and restaurants.  The touch screens are built to be weather resistant and hopefully tamper resistant!

The GoBike e-bikes are built to fit almost anyone with a very low step-through frame, puncture-proof tires, a front hub electric motor, adjustable seat heights, built-in lights, rear rack and fenders.

In addition these e-bike feature a Gates Carbon belt drive to reduce the maintenance and eliminate greasy chains.

The new Bycyklen program has hundreds of GoBikes at 20 docking stations in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

One of the stations is at City Hall for politicians and government workers to use.

Here is a video of the launch of the Bycyklen electric bike share program:

And this is a video of the GoBike bikes. Please note that they are showing the traditional GoCyle bikes (non-electric) in this video:

Enjoy these pictures of the Bycyklen e-bikes: 

Copenhagen electric bike share program station 2

That is a lot of electric bikes! Awesome.


Copenhagen electric bike share program station



Gobike Copenhagen electric bike share program

The Bycyklen electric bike share bike from GoBike.


Copenhagen electric bike share program graphic

Copenhagen electric bike share program city hall

The Bycyklen electric bike share station at Copenhagen city hall.


Copenhagen electric bike share program

What do you think? Would you like to rent an electric bike to see and experience Copenhagen?

Would you use an electric bike share program in your city or town?

Please leave your comments in the section below.



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  1. Pat says

    Tested today with the following experience:

    + great idea

    – time consuming to create account
    – credit card details incl security number required
    – two most central bike stations in Kopenhagen (Main station and Ratshausplatsed) are usually booked out even during week days (tested on 14/15 July)
    – available bikes are either broken or charging the battery
    – they charge for reservations which apparently haven’t been fulfilled (even though we went to the reserved spot and tried to rent all available bikes)
    – calling the helpline doesn’t resolve anything
    – email correspondence in Denish rather than English


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