85.9 MPH on an Outrider USA Electric Trike, World Record! [VIDEO]

Checkout this video of Tommy Ausherman, co-founder of Outrider USA, flying down an airport runway at 85.9 mph on a modified Outrider USA 422 Alpha electric trike!

And kids, don’t try this at home, this is a professional rider on a closed track….

This video was shot with GoPro action cameras.

Outrider USA claims that this is the new world record for a vehicle under 100 pounds without a fairing.  The modified 422 Alpha that they used came in at 99 pounds.

I had a chance to test ride a stock Outrider USA 422 Alpha and at 40+ mph it was a rush, I can only imagine what 85.9 mph felt like!

Outrider USA has recently been busy with their new Horizon electric trike that offers people with physical disabilities the experience and joy of riding a bike/trike.

“The driving mission behind the Horizon trike is simple: Just because an individual has a  physical disability, doesn’t mean they don’t still crave the adventure and freedom of riding a bike,” said Jesse Lee, Outrider Co-Founder.

Tommy Ausherman, Co-Founder on Outrider USA, rode a modified 422 Alpha electric bike 85.9 mph.

Tommy Ausherman, Co-Founder on Outrider USA, rode a modified 422 Alpha electric bike 85.9 mph.


Well, Outrider USA is pushing the limits of speed and helping more people enjoy a bike/trike ride.

Find out more about Outrider USA electric trikes.

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  1. says

    I don’t know if I’m supposed to be impressed or knott……He managed to ride an electrical scooter at almost 100Mph,…..
    So what? That is no big feat……..You act as though he really did something…….now if he was powering this,strictly under human power then I might be impressed……….now there is some guys I saw recently riding an Ebike at 100+ Mph with a whopping 12,000 watt dual hub drive bicycle…….now that is impressive…..anyone who would be insane enough to ride a bicycle at 75 + Mph is impressively Insane………LOL 🙂


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