What are the Red Links?

The red links will take you to companies where you can buy some of the products that I have mentioned in the article.  These are companies that I trust because I have ordered from them and/or I know the owners personally.   I believe that these companies will give you great customer service and good prices.

The Red Links Support Electric Bike Report

If you like what I am doing and you would like to support my efforts then there is a way you can help!  By clicking on a red link or advertisement on Electric Bike Report and purchasing a product you help EBR make a small commission on that product.  It doesn’t add any cost to your purchase, and again, these are reputable companies that I trust.

So the next time you are buying some gear, please consider using these links: Amazon, REI, Jenson USA, Bike Trailer Shop, Bike Bag Shop, and Bike Kid Shop.

Thanks for your support and have a great next ride :)  -Pete