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Electric Bike Shop Provides Solar Charging Station!

Electric bike shop, The New Wheel, in San Francisco recently installed a solar charging station in the front of the store to charge the shops bikes and allow customers to charge their e-bikes, smartphones, laptops, etc. The cool thing about electric bikes is that they don’t take very much energy to get you around town. […]

VIDEO! Electric Bike Sharing Program with Solar Charging Station at University of Tennessee

This is the future!  Imagine borrowing an electric bike at your neighborhood solar charging station to run errands around town.  That is what the University of Tennessee (UT) has been working on. UT has developed the nation’s first fully automated e-bike sharing solar charging station. Civil and environmental engineering assistant professor Chris Cherry and his team

VIDEO! Danville Community College Tests Electric Bikes.

Danville Community College in Virginia is currently testing electric bikes as a viable form of transportation.  They are conducting a feasibility study to determine the potential for electric bikes to be used in the Danville area. Pedego, Currie Technologies (IZIP & EZIP) and EZ Pedaler are the 3 brands of electric bikes that they are testing. […]

VIDEO: Gas Prices on the Rise. Time for an Electric Bike!

Wow!  Gas prices are on the rise…..and quickly; they went up 10 cents during the time this video was created! Check out this video from ABC News about rising gas prices, how people are reacting, and where your money goes when you buy gasoline.  Also note that some of these people feel that they are […]

Jay Leno & Leonardo DiCaprio Ride the A2B Metro Electric Bike!

When Jay Leno and Leonardo DiCaprio are riding electric bikes you can imagine that e-bikes have hit the big time! The electric bike that these 2 celebrities are riding is the A2B Metro electric bike. Here is a video from Jay Leno’s garage.

Electric Bike News: Pedal-Electric Vehicle Trip Across US, Tours in Paris, E-Mountain Bikes, & More!

Extra! Extra! Some highlights of your e-bike news: Human/electric hybrid vehicle tour across the US, e-bike tours in Paris, electric motorcycle/mountain bike hybrid, new e-mountain bike kit, Crested Butte Mountain Resort using an e-bike, more bike commuters in Japan, & more!  This is a recap of the electric bike news from the week of April […]

Electric Bike News Week of 2-28-11

Happy end of February/early March!  2011 is flying by!  Here is a recap of the electric bike news from the week of February 28, 2011. Now…..The Electric Bike News! This article about a “granny e-bike for kids” I found to be pretty funny.  The author at Wired makes some good points in a humorous way

Electric Bike News Week of 2-14-11

Alright, here is another electric bike news recap from the week of February 14, 2011.  Lots of interesting e-bike and traditional bike stuff happening in the world! And now the e-bike news! Here are some crazy looking DIY (do it yourself) electric bikes.  One has a trailer that has a “drop in martini bar”?! Pedego […]

Electric Bike News Week of 2-7-11

It’s time for an electric bike news recap from the week of February 7, 2011!  As usual there is a lot of cool electric bike happenings in the world.  This week there were a lot of videos.  Check it out! And now…the e-bike news! How would you like to ride a wireless electric bike?  Sounds […]

Electric Bike News Week of 1-31-11

End o January, early Febuary; time is flying by!  Well this electric bike news recap from the week of January 31, 2011 is full of exciting e-bike happenings Time for the electric bike news! I love this stuff!  Get your Super Bowl pizza delivered by electric cargo bike!  I am so excited about the possibilities for […]

Electric Bike News Week of 1-24-11

The last week of January!  I am glad the days are getting longer and temps are getting a little warmer. Here is an electric bike news recap from the week of January 24, 2011.  These are somethings that caught my eye and some things happening at Electric Bike Report. Electric bike news! Check out the […]

Electric Bike News Week of 1-3-11

Well I am still playing catch up from the holidays and the traveling I have been doing recently.  So this e-bike news post might be a little late, but there is some cool stuff happening in the ebike world! And now the electric bike news! A race between an electric bike, normal bike, car, and […]

Electric Bike News Week of 12-27-10

Better late than never, right!  I took the week between Christmas and New Years off to travel with my wife to Oregon to visit my family.  So I slacked on getting the news post out, but I still want to get you some news from the week. While we were in Portland we visited Kalkhoff […]