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50 Stolen Bikes Recovered Thanks to Stromer ST2 Electric Bike GPS & App!

Technology to the rescue! Discovering that your prized electric bike has been stolen sucks, but in this day and age, technology can help you recover it. That is just what happened when Frédéric Marchand realized that his high tech Stromer ST2 had been stolen. Not only did he get his bike back, but 50 other stolen bikes were recovered thanks to the ST2′s built in GPS and the Stromer Smartphone Geolocator app!

Felt Launches New Electric Bikes with Bosch E-Bike System in USA [VIDEOS]

Felt Electric has just launched 4 new electric bikes with the Bosch mid drive system in the US market! The US Felt line up is: the LEBOWSKe “fat” electric bike with 4″wide tires, the DUALe full suspension 27.5″ wheel e-mtb, the NINEe 29er hardtail e-mtb, and the SPORTe commuter style e-bike.

Bosch Introduces Nyon Display, Integrated Shifting, & USA Bosch E-Bikes [VIDEOS]

Bosch eBike Systems has made a serious presence in the European electric bike scene and now they are focusing on the US e-bike market for 2014. In addition they are introducing some new high tech features to their mid drive systems! Here is a video that will give you an idea of what the Bosch e-bike systems are like and some background on the company, including the manufacturing of their components.

E-Bike News: New Bosch Tech, Grace, ProdecoTech, E-Bike Touring, E-Mtn Bikes, Harley Davidson?! [VIDEOS]

Grace e-bikes at Interbike, new Bosch control unit & NuVinci, SRAM, Shimano shifting integration, ProdecoTech’s new Scorpion, Continental’s mid drive, Haibike ski jump video, the Rise of the E-Bike, European e-bike tour, Madrid e-bike share, popular mountain bike magazines comment on e-mtb’s, and an electric Harley?!

Interview with Faraday Bicycles CEO, Adam Vollmer [VIDEO]

In this interview with Adam Vollmer you will learn about his design inspiration for the classically styled Faraday Porteur electric bike, the Kickstarter experience, improvements to the Porteur, Porteur rider “success” stories, new Faraday e-bikes, and other exciting Faraday news!

Visiobike: Pushing The High Tech Electric Bike Boundary! [VIDEO]

The Visiobike e-bike is high tech. Here’s why: Google Glass integration, serious smartphone integration, rear view camera, carbon fiber frame, integrated Panasonic lithium battery in the frame, MPF mid drive motor, auto shifting NuVinci Harmony continuously variable hub, Gates belt drive, & more!

E-Bike News: New E-Bikes from Haibike, Visiobike, ProdecoTech, B4, Vintage, IKEA, & More! [VIDEOS]

It’s time for another electric bike news round up! 2 new Haibike electric mountain bikes are now available in the US; the XDURO RX 29 hard tail and the XDURO FS RX full suspension electric mountain bikes. Both of the these Haibike’s feature the Bosch mid drive electric bike systems. There will be 5 other Haibike models arriving in the US soon. Grace Electric Bikes (also a European brand) are now available in the US! Visiobike is a new high tech electric bike that has hit the market. It features a carbon fiber frame, mid drive motor, integrated Panasonic batteries, smartphone integration, a rear view camera, and more! Here is a video about Visiobike:

The Copenhagen Electric Bike Share Program: Bycyklen [VIDEOS]

Leave it to Copenhagen, Denmark to launch a highly advanced electric bike sharing program! Their new e-bike share program offers a look at the future of urban transportation for the rest of us. The Bycyklen e-bike share program provides a way for Copenhagen commuters to use the bikes for their whole commute or to use them for the first/last mile connection when used with mass transit. They are also promoting the program to tourists as a fun way to get around and experience the city in true Copenhagen style! One of their slogans is “See Copenhagen like the locals do. Get on Bycyklen and experience the wonderful sights of Copenhagen like a Dane – on two wheels.”

Survey Says: Electric Bikes Enable More People to Ride Bikes, More Often!

The results are in from a recent electric bike survey: 55% of those surveyed had ridden a traditional bike weekly or daily. That jumped to 93% after they bought an e-bike! 6% of those surveyed had not ridden a bike as an adult. With an electric bike, 89% of those now ride daily or weekly! Those are just a few of the stats from an e-bike survey that was directed by John MacArthur, Sustainable Transportation Program Manager at the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC). John is also a research associate at Portland State University (PSU).

IZIP E3 Peak Electric Bike Review [VIDEO]

If you are looking for a versatile high performance electric mountain bike, then I recommend that you checkout this review of the IZIP E3 Peak from Currie Technologies! The Peak is a mid drive motor electric bike that can climb almost any hill and fly along the flats at 28+ mph. It is designed as a hardtail mountain bike with 27.5″ wheels but it can also be used for around town commuting or rolling along country roads. At $3,000 USD it offers a number of features that other bikes in the $4,000 – $5,000 price range have.

Charged Up! 2014 Electric Bike Mainstream Media Event Report [VIDEOS]

Yes, electric bikes are still relatively unknown to a majority of people in the US. But hopefully that will change soon! As a way to get the word out about e-bikes, Interbike (organizers of the largest bicycle trade show in the US) partnered with Outdoor Retailer to present e-bikes and other outdoor gear to a group of journalists from large mainstream media companies.

Tour of the E-BikeKit Headquarters Near Philadelphia, PA [VIDEO]

Jason Kraft is the CEO of Electric Bike Technologies and he recently invited me to tour their headquarters and assembly facility that is located just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Electric Bike Tech offers a variety of moderately priced electric bike kits (E-BikeKit™) and electric trike kits (E-TrikeKit™). They focus on providing kits that have a lot of features for the money. It was great to get the personal tour from Jason and learn more about this US electric bike kit company.

Interview with Larry Pizzi: President of Currie Technologies (IZIP, Haibike, eFlow) [VIDEOS]

Larry has been in the bicycle industry most of his life and is in charge of one of the largest e-bike companies in the US. In this interview you will learn more about his experiences in the industry, what the latest is at Currie Tech (new IZIP’s, Haibikes, eFlow, etc.), the IZIP Road Show, and what’s on the horizon for Currie Tech. Enjoy the interview!