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5 Reasons Why E-Bikes Are Safer Than Regular Bikes

Could electric bikes actually be safer than traditional bicycles? Check it out!

Why I Sold My Car for an Electric Bike

San Francisco resident Arjun Adamson shares his reasons for selling his Mini Cooper for a Kalkhoff electric bike; save money, get around faster, no parking hassles, experience more, exercise, & more!

Life With An Electric Assist Cargo Bike – Part 1

Paul Willerton shares his experiences of building an electric cargo bike from the ground up with a Yuba Mundo frame and BionX SL 350 HT DT XL e-bike kit.

Beating Health Road Blocks With an Electric Bike

This is a guest post by Cathy Lau. Not even age, two heart attacks, and a quadruple bypass can stop a cyclist with an OHM electric bike. What do you do when your passion for biking outlasts your body’s ability to keep up? How do you continue to make cycling a regular, integral part of your […]

Steve Jobs (RIP) Talks About the Efficiency of a Bicycle [VIDEO]

I am sure that many of you have heard that Steve Jobs (of Apple fame) recently passed away.  The news of his passing saddened me because he was such a creative person and he has shown that dreams of the future become reality if you are determined and you remain focused.  I hope that some […]

True Story! How I Fell in Love with an Electric Bike

This is a guest post from Andy Franklin.  He is an electric bike enthusiast and is in the process of opening his own electric bike store. I live southwest of Denver Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It was a beautiful fall day and I decided it had been too long since I […]

Pizza Delivery By Electric Cargo Bike (In My Town)!

Wouldn’t you like to have your next pizza delivered by electric bike?  Well that could be a reality soon depending on where you live.  I first heard about this happening in Southern California and now it has hit home here in Flagstaff Arizona!  Fratelli Pizza, a local pizza company here in FLG, has added a […]

The E-Bike Lifestyle: Saving Money, Low Sweat, & Cheating?

This is a guest post from Peter Rosenfeld; not to be confused with me!  Peter Rosenfeld lives outside of Philadelphia and is starting his third year of riding a Bionx electric bicycle. Why Do You Ride an E-Bike? I get a lot of questions about why I ride a bicycle with electric assist and what are the […]

The Electric Bike: Conveniences of a Car with the Advantages of a Bicycle

I have been thinking of quick ways to describe what an electric bike is all about to someone that has no idea what an electric bike is. Sometimes quick catchy sounds bites can really help someone visualize what these e-bikes are all about. So far I have come up with this; “Electric bikes combine some […]

How Electric Bikes/Trikes Can Inspire Us!

The other day I got an email from Hung Ly, who owns Trinity Environ in Naples, Florida.  He has been inspired by helping others enjoy riding a bike or a trike again.  I liked his email and I want to share it with you. His email is in response to one of my emails that […]

Electric Bikes + Subway, Bus, Etc. = Sweet Combination!

Do you like the idea of an electric bike, but find yourself being concerned with the range?  Is there an area of town that is not safe to ride your e-bike through?  Never fear, there is a solution to this; combining an electric bike with mass transit options! The other day I was chatting with […]

Electric Bikes Make Sense for University Campuses!

Electric bikes make a lot of sense for the individual person getting to and from their job and running errands; not to mention just having fun They also make a lot of sense for large institutions like universities and colleges, large and small business, airports, hospitals, national and state parks, etc.  Ebikes allow for a […]

Hills? What Hills? E-Bikes in San Francisco [VIDEO]

Here is a fun ebike video that has some great points about electric biking in San Francisco.  It is an ad for a shop in San Fran but it is so well done that I wanted to share it with you.  It’s gotta a catchy tune too! Ebikes make a lot of sense for a […]