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Welcome to the World of Electric Bikes

If you are new to electric bikes then this article will help you get a quick understanding of what electric bikes are all about. You will learn about the reasons to have an e-bike, how fast and how far they go, how much they cost, the different types of e-bikes, what the future of e-bike looks like, and how to checkout electric bikes in your town/city.

European Electric Bike Tour: The Perks of Riding an E-Bike – Part 2

Grant Walter has found that interest in his electric bike has been helpful in tough situations along his tour of Europe. In this part of his report you will learn about his e-bike touring experiences in Croatia and Slovenia; steep hills, good food and good wine!

European Electric Bike Tour: Not All Who Wander Are Lost – Part 1

Grant Walter shares his electric bike touring experience from the road! So far Grant has ridden in Stuggart, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Zagreb. Grant is riding the Riese & Muller, blueLABEL Charger with Bosch, NuVinci, and Gates belt drive set up.

The Copenhagen Electric Bike Share Program: Bycyklen [VIDEOS]

Leave it to Copenhagen, Denmark to launch a highly advanced electric bike sharing program! Their new e-bike share program offers a look at the future of urban transportation for the rest of us. The Bycyklen e-bike share program provides a way for Copenhagen commuters to use the bikes for their whole commute or to use them for the first/last mile connection when used with mass transit. They are also promoting the program to tourists as a fun way to get around and experience the city in true Copenhagen style! One of their slogans is “See Copenhagen like the locals do. Get on Bycyklen and experience the wonderful sights of Copenhagen like a Dane – on two wheels.”

Survey Says: Electric Bikes Enable More People to Ride Bikes, More Often!

The results are in from a recent electric bike survey: 55% of those surveyed had ridden a traditional bike weekly or daily. That jumped to 93% after they bought an e-bike! 6% of those surveyed had not ridden a bike as an adult. With an electric bike, 89% of those now ride daily or weekly! Those are just a few of the stats from an e-bike survey that was directed by John MacArthur, Sustainable Transportation Program Manager at the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC). John is also a research associate at Portland State University (PSU).

Electric Bike Touring: 3,300 Miles from Seattle WA to Washington D.C. on a Pedego Interceptor

Cathy Rogers, 57, of Pittsburgh, PA will be riding her Pedego Interceptor electric bike 3,300 miles in The Big Ride Across America! Cathy and 13 other riders will raise $6,500 each and ride from the Seattle WA area to Washington D.C. in support of the American Lung Association. The Big Ride Across America will take place from June 16 to August 2, with 40 days of riding and 8 days of rest. The tour will go through Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and then to DC.

Electric Bike Touring: 80 Year Old to Ride 2,500 Miles on an Easy Motion NEO Jet!

What a great adventure; 2,500 miles of electric bike touring from Washington State to Ohio on an Easy Motion NEO Jet! At 80 years old, John Moss will start his cross country adventure on June 4th and finish in Ohio around September 1st, 2014. John is a Korean War veteran who started cycling at age 62 and he has biked across the US several times; including a tour from Yukon to Alaska.

5 Reasons Why E-Bikes Are Safer Than Regular Bikes

Could electric bikes actually be safer than traditional bicycles? Check it out!

Why I Sold My Car for an Electric Bike

San Francisco resident Arjun Adamson shares his reasons for selling his Mini Cooper for a Kalkhoff electric bike; save money, get around faster, no parking hassles, experience more, exercise, & more!

Life With An Electric Assist Cargo Bike – Part 1

Paul Willerton shares his experiences of building an electric cargo bike from the ground up with a Yuba Mundo frame and BionX SL 350 HT DT XL e-bike kit.

Beating Health Road Blocks With an Electric Bike

This is a guest post by Cathy Lau. Not even age, two heart attacks, and a quadruple bypass can stop a cyclist with an OHM electric bike. What do you do when your passion for biking outlasts your body’s ability to keep up? How do you continue to make cycling a regular, integral part of your […]

Steve Jobs (RIP) Talks About the Efficiency of a Bicycle [VIDEO]

I am sure that many of you have heard that Steve Jobs (of Apple fame) recently passed away.  The news of his passing saddened me because he was such a creative person and he has shown that dreams of the future become reality if you are determined and you remain focused.  I hope that some […]

True Story! How I Fell in Love with an Electric Bike

This is a guest post from Andy Franklin.  He is an electric bike enthusiast and is in the process of opening his own electric bike store. I live southwest of Denver Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It was a beautiful fall day and I decided it had been too long since I […]